Remove PIE

Recently, I'm doing some development which need to remove PIE on a particular application. After my searching on Google, I found a tool named MyRemovePIE, and it's really useful. So I wrote a same function tool just for him. And yes, it's based on MyRemovePIE's codes.

The following are my tool's features.
The name of my own version is rmpie. It's available on OS X and iOS.
You can pass more than one application's path to it. For instance

rmpie PathToApplication1 PathToApplication2 PathToApplication3

This tiny command line tool will process those applications one by one.
And I added interactive mode. If you typed rmpie only, it will echo you ">" on screen, and waiting for your command (path to the app which you want to remove its PIE)

You can find this tool on my Github.

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