A Trip to Blenheim Palace in Oxford

Last weekend, I went from Cambridge to Blenheim Palace and the city centre of Oxford. The 2-hour bus ride was quite a long time, thus I fall asleep several times. The bus arrived Blenheim Palace at half past 10, which was right on the opening time.

Blenheim Palace was pretty gorgeous when I stepped inside. But it was not only the Palace that attracted me, but also the garden inside it! Though the weather was cloudy for most of the time, the garden of Blenheim Palace was fabulous still! Perhaps this is one of the reasons that it is said to be the finest view in England.

The swan swam on the lake, the small house sat besides the river and the path lay in the forest. Just standing there and looking at the stunning landscape they made up was absolutely breath-taking. If the weather had been better, the landscape would have been tremendous. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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The Small House Sat besides the River
The Path Lay in the Forest

If I had sufficient time, I would sit there and enjoy the lapse of time.

The Bench near the Waterfall
The Panorama of the Blenheim Palace
One of the Clock Tower in the Blenheim Palace
Some Statues in the Blenheim Palace
Somewhere outside the Blenheim Palace
The Houses in Ship Street

I found some really nice bookstores and shops around the city centre of Oxford. One of which is the Blackwell's Art and Poster Shop, because there were not only many book on photography, but also a lot of beautiful or stunning posters that could be wonderful ornaments. Furthermore, there were some cute pins which could be put on the bag. And I bought a pusheen cat pin!\(≧▽≦)/

The Pusheen Cat!
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